A + A Femme - S/S 2024 (2024.2)

A+A Femme is presented through reinterpreted suggestions, accompanied by the right styling, accessories, colours, moods and print in contemporary stylish designs. Just as A+As remaining assortment, this edition is as well presented in an elegant and inspiring manner. The book consists of trend themes with the colour direction in original dyed A+A colour yarns, complemented by Pantone references and direction of materials and prints (as pixel-based .jpg)


The contrast between real and unreal, abstract and concrete, has never been as defined as today. Craftsmanship and artisanal work opposed to the world of meta-verse, A.I. technology and “everything-online”.
These are today’s realities: moving in parallel between virtual outfits, filters and sustainable fashion with a strong ethical focus and upcyclcing. We can call this juxtaposition the "The New Normal". A circular existence where lines between physical and digital worlds are blurred. The key is balance: After two years of enigma and stillness, after feeding our hunger for attention with extravagant styles, the need to be seen, to feel free and to express oneself we are moving back towards a need to quiet down, regain a routine, give value to the meaning of time, live a slow life, while rethinking the future.

Femme 24.2 (S/S 2024) edition incl 8 trend concepts, a taster here:

Inspired by a woman of class and elegance. A woman that seeks quality over quantity, excellence in material and fabrics that are timeless and long-lasting.

Inspired by the myth of the “soul-mate”. The Ying and Yang, two halves becoming one, something real but intangible. What weight, size and shape is our soul?


Inspired by science and research. It’s a theme dedicated to all the “nerdies” out there. For all the women that are into numbers and formulas but aren’t willing to sacrifice style.

Inspired by everything-net. To our new present and our future. To alternative lives in the cloud. The infinite possibilities and options an online-life can provide us.

"At ease" is the new classic. It is bold. Feminine-meets-masculine for a contemporary elegance. There is something reassuring and timeless but with an unexcepted twist of newness in details or finishing.

Late night drives to the beach for skinny dipping and island vibes. Mini dresses for parties, bikinis in fantasy fabrics, experimental materials, and 3D micro-tops. Mear.

An eco-warrior. Nature as a constant inspiration being the muse of this theme. Artisanal almost couture decorations for a glam sporty look. T

Inspired by the hype party-oriented life of Rio de Janeiro and Brazil. A celebration of having fun and being together, the season of ceremonies and parties.

Issue frequency: 2 issues per year
Months of publication: 02/09