VIEW no. 140

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We have been granted our freedom once more, prompting most designers to present their collections with live catwalk shows for the first time since the global pandemic hit in 2020. We had thought that such a catastrophic event plus, all the other grim issues besieging our world, would have a lasting affect and our business would learn some lessons. Have we changed our ways? We fear not. The giant fashion and textile juggernaut appears to have resumed its course and the shareholders and business bosses are trundling along the well-ploughed furrow bent on fiscal growth. Having this as the primary goal is largely to the detriment of the health of our planet and goes against the the aim of making clothes that are well designed, ethical, sustainable and offer a reason for consumers to invest thoughtfully. There are surely ways to have both, integrating long term environmental and fair social aims into the process and also generating profit. It takes a radical shift however and pressing the reset button takes courage and a long-term perspective. Optimism was certainly a top line message coming through but it’s an empty one if it isn’t backed up by meaningful action. There are designers who are taking braver steps but these stories around sustainability of product and initiatives that are inclusive and truly working towards rewriting fashion rules are drowned out by the power and sheer volume of those who put profit first.


Trend forecast for the respectively four upcoming seasons concerning colours, materials, design and styling for women's, men's and children's wear, including street and retail reports, reports on merchandising, as well as analysis of consumer behaviour and its influence on fabric and fashion trends. Bi-annual specials about colour and design trends for yarns and knitwear, Colour and design trends for yarns.


  • Extensive and significant information source for the entire textile branch
  • Distinctive, global trend information for the upcoming 4´four seasons
  • Professional reports on fashion news, materials, colours, styling, textile print, design scene and lifestyle
  • Street and culture reports from the fashion capitals of the world
  • Analysed catwalk reports
  • Permanent updates for the seasons
  • Actual and short term fashion themes and highlights
  • Own but internationally coordinated colour themes and trade fair colour cards with inspiring imagery
  • Comprehensive overviews of the new collections by important manufacturers in the fields of yarns, fabrics, accessories, buttons and trimmings
  • Key silhouettes and model sketches with detail descriptions

Paperback, 21,5 x 28,5 cm, 314 pages
Country of origin: Netherlands
Language: English
4 issues a year
Months of publication: 01/05/08/11