PANTONE CMYK Set coated & uncoated

New CMYK Guide
Offers More Colors, New Unique Identification and Better Printing Consistency.
Pantone is excited to offer its newly refreshed CMYK Guide, a must-have for designers working in digital, print, and packaging.
First, the guide is bursting with additional colors – 2,868 to be exact. That’s a whopping 700 more colors than our Pantone Matching System (PMS) Guides.
More colors means more choices and more chances for design inspiration.
The new CMYK Guide also offers more of what designers have asked for in the past, namely additional inbetween colors.
These are colors between two existing Pantone colors that help fill in the gaps and provide more unique offerings.
These colors are all achievable with CMYK process printing so they are not as bright and saturated as the colors in the Pantone formula guide, but the number of choices is larger.