Denim Clinic: a radical repositioning

With society rebuilding new and exciting scenarios, with a great migration to the countryside and the great resignation from work, we are set free to roam and need a pulled together hybrid between the rural and the urban. Here, denim is the perfect material to be at once casual and neat, both outdoors and inside. Thus, the qualities of cloth are stricter and calendared, the colours darker and lighter, abandoning the middle ground. Clothes are cleaned up, with the shirt jacket to replace the jacket, the collar to replace the hood, the button to replace the zip. At times, these items are even elegant, cut as if they are couture. First time customers include senior citizens and junior newcomers, both often experiencing denim for the first time around. Restoration is the new name of the game; tailoring, finishing and fringing as well as mending, patching and stitching to repair the damage of lore. The spick and span attitude to denim will require a complete overhaul of ad campaigns and influencers, away from the rough and rustic and towards the refined and almost romantic.

— Lidewij Edelkoort