Fashion Box Women's Knitwear - Fall-Winter 2019-20

Trends and inspiration for women's knitwear ranges including colours, patterns, motifs for knitwear, embroidery and prints as well as hundreds of highly fashionable model sketches supplied by coordinated accessories. In addition each theme is equipped with numerous original Jersey and knit swatches introducing innovative design ideas.

Includes CD-ROM (Mac/PC) with vectorized model sketches (*.ai, *.eps) as well as knitwear patterns and print designs in Bitmap formats (*.tiff, *.jpg).


  • Four complex structured and accurately compiled trend themes
  • Colour codes according to the Pantone® Fashion + Home Color System
  • Per theme 40 – 70 model sketches for outfits, fashion components and accessories
  • Overview of key models for each of the themes incl. key measurements
  • Plenty of original swatches for printed Jersey and new knitwear optics by leading manufacturers and the Fashion Box Design Laboratory

Softcover, spiral binding, 27,5 x 29 cm, 1.490 g, 140 pages, CD-ROM with vector files and JPG for free use (MAC + PC)
Country of origin: Italy
Language: English/Italian

Issue frequency: 2 issues per year
Months of publication: 01/07