Trendhouse Kids A/W 2020/2021

What & Why

We, at Trendhouse, have designed a stylebook that is a step on from all other publications on the market.

Sounding out reactions from youngsters, aged 3-12, and their millennial parents, we have arrived at a product, which brings to childrenswear the same disciplines and design kudos as demanded by the women’s and men’s designer markets.

Although unique in its approach, Trendhouse Kids remains a pragmatic tool that is easy to use and adapt to companies’ existing merchandising and manufacturing systems, while still bringing something very new to design strategy.

The product is built in logical product development stages to give a clear and complete overview of what’s important in the coming season. Thanks to careful analysis, we are able to provide you with clear and precise directions and answers.

Issue frequency: 2 issues per yearMonths of publication: 01/07