Pantone View Colour Planner - Spring/Summer 2021



At a time when we are being urged to become climate-neutral by 2050 or sooner, we are recognising the enormous importance of the plant kingdom.

More and more of us are turning to a plant-based. We are realising how much we can learn from plants: how they cleanse our planet’s air, how they communicate with one another and how they adapt to hostile environments. We are just beginning to comprehend what some scientists are calling “plant intelligence”, a way of communicating and learning that could be the key to our own sustainable future.  Plants make up around 80% of the Earth’s biomass. The presence of humans, by comparison, is negligible.

For S/S 2021, we look towards a world that teaches us how to be flexible, how to adapt, how to be resilient – how to live with less toxicity and more cooperation and hope. Botanica is a beautiful world, full of inspiration, and we hope you enjoy the results.

About Pantone View Colour Planner

Pantone View Colour is a cross-industry colour forecast with colour ranges and inspiration for fashion (women's, men's, sports + active), interior, cosmetics and product design.


  • Internationally established and successful colour forecast featuring reliable and market-ready trend themes
  • Early publishing date: available 18 months ahead of the season
  • Comprehensive imagery with inspirations for moods, materials, structures and patterns
  • 8 colour themes consisting of more than 50 colours in total and providing proposals for typical fields of application and colour combinations
  • Thorough and concrete comments on the themes by texts and key words
  • Complex view on colour trends in context to lifestyle and spirit of the time
  • User-friendly presentation of the colours, colour combinations and design inspirations
  • Extra set of removable original Pantone® colour swatches 11 x 2,5 cm (double folded) of all colours used in the themes
  • Overview of all themes in poster format
  • Ring book with removable single pages
  • NEW: CD-ROM containing photos used in the themes as shown in the book (.jpg format) as well as an animated version of the themes accompanied with music

Ring binder, removable pages, 32 x 26 cm, 120 pages
Country of origin: Netherlands
Language: English

Issue frequency: 2 x Issue per year
Months of publication: 02/08