Feel the Yarn no. 05 - S/S 2022

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The Magazine comes from a desire to talk about knitwear trends with the focus squarely on yarns. Having looked at the publishing market, we have realised that there is no magazine out there that puts yarns at the heart of the extraordinary evolution of knitwear over the last 10 years.The images and words behind the inspiration for knitwear creators will be placed alongside yarns, clothes and garments that provide the best visual representation of the themes chosen to depict the reality around us,or what will sum up our daily lives in the future.

We are convinced of our ability to add another angle to our way of seeing yarns and of their ability to interpret our moods and our passions.


The season main mood is entitled MOVE BEYOND and includes the A/W 2021.22 trends and colours divided in 4 themes (Beyond Fear, Beyond Borders, Beyond Humanism, Beyond Present).

The drive to improve, to evolve, is as inbuilt in people as it is in nature. Everything moves, "everything flows", nothing stands still or crystallises. We see it in the little private actions of individuals and in large-scale natural and social revolutions. Micro and macrocosms both participate in the same evolutionary drive. As we know, change does not always equal improvement. Fertile periods of positive growth can be followed by dark times. The time we are currently living through is certainly not one of the best humans have ever experienced. Fortunately, simply getting through it is in itself a positive, as it drives us to be more creative and go beyond the possible in our bid to find happiness.

NEW!!! 32+ pages, Technical sheet about the composition of all published yarns

Issue frequency: 2 issues per year
Months of publication: 01/07

Also available in digital format >>>