Scout Women's Trend Report Colour & Trend - A/W 2023/2024

SCOUT is an agency with an international team of fashion professionals drawn from different creative disciplines. It analyses catwalk, street fashion, pop culture and emerging designers.
SCOUT creates clear, comprehensive stories to drive commercial success.
It inspires and informs by innovative mood boards, catwalk, colour palettes, styling details, and accessories.
SCOUT Colour + Trend books, Women's, Men's and Unisex Casual offer a fresh outlook on the seasons key directions in both colour and styling. The global market insight is combined with creativity to bring you results-based, proven forecasts. All trends include their own Colour Palettes, Core Colours and Key Accents within the trend. Each trend is beautifully presented using inspiring imagery presented over 14 pages plus a separate colour card per trend.
Additional data like a PDF version and a Colour Bible can be downloaded via download link.
SCOUT does the legwork for you, so that you can create and innovate!