Trend Union Fashion & Colour Forecast - A/W 24/25


Swaddling is usually used to give infants the feeling of the safety they crave after leaving the protective warmth of the womb. The effects of such hermetic wrapping are visible in the overwhelming return of knitwear as a category of its own; no longer just an afterthought, it is a head to toe, day in day out, morning to evening phenomenon to reckon with. Hibernating while rolled up in sweaters, cardigans and blankets to help the body combat emotional stress and slow down the metabolism in order to use less energy of all kinds. Conditioning us as a survival mechanism. With sweater wear moving to centre stage, all the other categories of dress will follow the lead of knits.

Created by Lidewij Edelkoort, the Colour Forecast is a colour package consisting of double fabric swatches plus a book with colour combinations, inspirational visuals and explanatory keywords.