Pantone® View Colour Planner # 52 - S/S 2025

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Pantone View Colour Planner No. 52 - FAUNA

Spring Summer 2025

The world has been out of balance, but now we are entering brighter times. After a period of self-criticism during the Anthropocene (our current geological age, where humans have been blamed for destroying the planet), we are beginning to attain a new consciousness that manifests through symbiotic relationships between humanity, fauna, and the planet.

From our obsession with "I," we transition to "we," and then "we" becomes "us."

This new collaboration is based not only on human will but also on our relationship with technology - above all, Generative Artificial Intelligence. Unlike the metaverse, AI is a powerful tool that not only amplifies our ability to handle and develop complex issues but also allows us to imagine and thus create a new way of life. This way of life is built on multiple relationships with the world around us, and we have tried to reflect this in our choice of colours this season. Our relationship with fauna is both self-serving and altruistic. Just as animals have been threatened by human evolution over the centuries, we could now be threatened by the evolution of machine learning. Therefore, our need for fauna and the planet as a place of refuge, comfort, and connectivity becomes more urgent, more fundamental, as we discover that the most essential things are, in fact, the most primal things. In conclusion, we enter a new era of respect. Our lives depend not only on humanity but also on other animals and ecosystems.

Let us honour and respect this relationship while harmonizing with the new developments that technology and AI have to offer.


We introduce each palette with four key colours. These colours form your merchandising base, which should remain constant for the season. In combination with the supplementary colours found on the following pages, the key colours can be incorporated into various exciting stories. (All colours in Pantone Strips - ready to be used for product development)


Here, we add two to four supplementary colours to the key colours shown at the beginning of the chapter. These supplementary colours will allow you to develop, transform, and individualize the core. We present these supplementary colours as additions to the colour bar on thought-provoking inspiration pages. Sometimes, different supplementary colours can lead us in completely different inspiring directions. However, we never use more than four supplementary colours per palette.


We enhance our palette with harmony pages, where the key colours are presented in different combinations, transformed not only by the supplementary shades but also by occasional colours chosen from other parts of the general colour card. Creating colour mixes and harmonies is one of the great strengths of the PantoneView Colour Planner.


Here, we show you how product ranges can now be coloured using the various palettes to create a point of difference while still functioning as a cohesive whole.


To complete our product, we offer a USB stick and a poster. The USB stick contains a complete catalogue of every visual image used throughout the book and catalogue, organized by story chapter and end-use.


Inside our USB stick, you will find a five-minute film specially commissioned for each book, telling our stories in an inspiring and emotional way, accompanied by suitable music. These films have become a beloved success story in their own right.

 The Pantone View Colour Planner is released twice a year, in January and June.