Chiron Caleidoscopio (Colori) Estate S/S 2025

This handy book provides you with an early prognosis of the colour trends, presenting 30 colors developed through 5 sophisticated and inspirational designed themes and a focus on the main colour mood of the season.
The 30 colors are presented on a strip of cardboard folded as an accordion, which when closed takes the appearance of a plaquette, all colours are exclusively dyed on silk satin and also printed with inkjet on paper with the relevant pantone code
20 pages (cm.16,5 x 21) plus 48 pleated pages (cm. 27 x 21)
30 color swatches (cm. 4 x 20) dyed on silk
93 color combination
Issue frequency: 2 issues per year
Months of publication: 02/07