SCOUT Women's Colour + Concept A/W 21/22


Our planet has spoken and we have been made to listen. Fires, floods, viruses, we are at the mercy of mother nature, who’s back in control (in case we’ve forgotten). We can't continue down the same path and now we’re at a crossroad. Look left or right, it’s the same message; stop, look, listen, learn. We know it’s been coming, but it’s taken something so momentous to stop us in our tracks. As the world pauses, it’s as if someone pressed the reset button on our lives. Our brand new SCOUT WOMEN forecast has the most up to date forecast to guide you through the challenges that lay ahead. Before we published, we reviewed, edited and challenged ourselves to decipher, what will women want and need in this new world we are about to navigate through? The six macro lifestyles and concepts have been carefully researched and curated to reflect a new, smarter, kinder way of living.

Our message is clear, let’s re-think and re-boot and give the consumer what she wants and needs and treasure the joy of fashion. Stay safe, stay calm, stay creative.